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Our Challenge :.

Rainbow 6 Siege revitalised their competitive scene in 2020 with a new regional based structure for feeder leagues. Each region now has their own league with their own identity. Our challenge was to create an identity for the UK Ireland Nationals, the regional league for UK and Ireland :.

Our Approach :.

Before work began on creating a logo or any brand guidelines, we made sure that we got to the heart of the story this league wanted to tell. A league built on pride and honour in the art of battle, where warriors take to the field and fight to earn their glory. As an extra element we also had to make sure that UK and Ireland were represented equally within the branding :.

The Logo :.

The UK and Ireland are steeped in rich history. A perfect launchpad for the logo. We came to a medieval shield motif with a proud lion, alongside celtic knot as the perfect way to represent the two nations. Clean but complex, bold but intricate, a mark of heritage and pride :.

The Guidelines :.

From the logo we expanded out on the themes present and created a full suite of brand guidelines, including palettes, typography, rules, textures, patterns, designs for lower thirds, as well as example usage of the branding for various utility from match announcements to social media posts and motion graphic treatments :.

Digital Assets :.

As part of the guidelines we also created a set of examples to show the identity in full action. From match announcements and social media posts, through to lower thirds and photography guidelines, we made sure that any designer who picks up this document has the tools and examples they need to create assets that truly live within the brand :.

The Results :.

It’s only just been launched but the initial feedback is very encouraging. 1.1k likes on twitter, alongside 171 retweets and 47 very positive comments. We can’t wait to see how the identity expands out into the league :.

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